Xbox 360: The Official Magazine UK Oct 2011 Review Scores - Bodycount, Driver: San Francisco

''The latest edition of Xbox 360: The Official Magazine UK has hit store shelves, with the publication awarding a host of impressive review scores for recently released titles such as Bodycount, Driver: San Francisco and F1 2011.''

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gw4k2604d ago

I don't trust the scores of anything that is 'Official.'

fluffydelusions2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

No dead island review? Argh. I want to know if this game is worth a purchase or not.

SilleGamer2604d ago

Hopefully Dead Island scores well in the reviews.

I'm looking forward to purchasing.

Looks promising!

Criminal2604d ago

Driver got 8, maybe the series is really back. I might pick it up.