PS Nation - Episode 231: Roper vs. Furley

PS Nation writes:

PS3 New Releases
- Resistance 3 $59.99; Doomsday Edition $149.99
- Dead Island $59.99
- Driver: San Francisco $59.99
- Warhammer 40k: Space Marine $59.99
- Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten $49.99
- PS3 Official Wireless Stereo Headset $99.99

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gw4k2627d ago

Podcast huh? Yeah, thanks but no thanks.

Spooder2627d ago

pfft, its all about that Mr.Roper! When he stares into the camera after making a stupid remark...gets me every time! even after all these years

Spooder2627d ago

Seriously my favorite tv show of all time. Only reason I still have cable...thank god for TV land!

Magnus2627d ago

I still say Mr. Furley is the way to go he was great in the Andy Griffith show aswell.