The Complete MW3 Proficiency and Equipment List - Proficiency Explained

A new loadout slot, proficiency, has been added to Modern Warfare 3. Unlike perks, these don’t have pro versions. There are 9 proficiencies to choose from. In terms of equipment, Modern Warfare 3 has 6 lethal ones and 8 tactical.

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Hitman07692604d ago ShowReplies(1)
xtremexx2604d ago

awww, i thought the kick proficiency would give you ninja kick abilities, i agree with "Hitman0769" fuck this game

Mister_V2604d ago

True dat! My mind was running wild with what 'kick' could be. This is just disappointing haha.

-Alpha2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Sounds like everybody is going to use the reduced recoil proficiency, which I don't like at all. Should have been an attachment.

I hope Rapid fire attachment cancels out reduced recoil, otherwise we are going to see a lot of recoilless fast deaths

Criminal2604d ago

Good point, Rapid Fire and Kick shouldn't be in the same loadout.

Mister_V2604d ago

Found a new exploit... I think we have.

EVO-OM3GA2604d ago

Kick for me would be best used with an LMG your right rapid fire and kick would unbalance the game but rapid fire takes away the range so at distance won't be a problem

maverick11912604d ago

kick is basically steady aim

Raven_Nomad2604d ago

Sounds pretty cool. Glad we are getting a lot more options this time around.

iXenon2604d ago

It's nice that they've added a new slot

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