Legal reasons to blame for denial of a North American Breath of Fire III PSN release?

Breath of Fire IV made it to the North American Playstation Store just fine two weeks ago, but what about Breath of Fire III? The game reportedly didn’t pass an IP clearance test.

Fans have been pondering the reasons for its denial for a while and took the question straight to the Capcom-Unity forums, where they were given an honest but disappointing answer.

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gw4k2604d ago

I have problems all the time passing the IP Clearance Test. DOH!

Magnus2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Shame it was a great game which I enjoyed playing too bad its gone Legal. I mean the demmand is there to play these old games its what the fans grew up with and remember playing its a shame producers have to get their greedy hands into the pot.

Chrono2603d ago

Enough with the ports! We need a new BoF!