Everything You Need to Know About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer So Far (

Terry Lucy writes "Activision has released a bucket load of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer information at its XP event in Los Angeles this weekend. Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling was joined on stage by Sledgehammer's Michael Condrey to talk about the latest features in MW3's all-important multiplayer to an audience of hardcore Call of Duty fans." Screenshots also.

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gw4k2629d ago

EVERY SINGLE THING? All in this article? Really?

God - is - a - geek - .com

Moving on, thank you.

GodisaGeek2629d ago

I changed it to So Far. Thanks for your comment. You should check it out.

J86blum2629d ago

Everything you need to know.. play MW2, done.

Scary692629d ago

Nothing new, graphics still suck and you might have 3 new items in killstreak. Other then that same old shit just different maps.

NukaCola2629d ago

Only thing that is new, is now you got to pay $50 a year or else you don't get full access to all the interweb features that Uncharted, Killzone, Battlefield, and Halo get for free.

JBSleek2629d ago

I wonder about people like you...

Cpt_kitten2629d ago

only one thing i need to know about modern warfare 3 is that its like every other call of duty game.....crap and always will be

J86blum2629d ago

I feel the most sad tword the 360 owners they pay i believe its 60.00 dollers a year for their online and now if they want this elite serive by Call of Duty thats another 50.00. that I don't care who you that is wrong, and don't say its just 50.00 bucks because people play mw2 still thats close to 3 years a total of 150.00 bucks alone for elite service. I don't care if your a ps3 or 360 fanboy someone needs to smack Call of Duty, and letting the higher ups for letting this happen. game are already cost to much for imcomplete pieces of work then take into count DLC, and some games then re-release a GOTY edition.
In the end its our faults I guess cause we keep buying it, and not standing up against services like elite, and stupid DLC packs. Oh well.

JokesOnYou2628d ago

Don't feel bad for me, I pay $60 for many games I only played through once because the experience didn't offer anything to keep me playing....MW3 I'll be playing in between games for at least the next year.= $60 well spent.

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