Modern Warfare 3: Ghost Is Alive!

Here at SFX-360 we have been studying the new released Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Trailer released yesterday at Call of Duty XP. After looking over the video we have found a major a major clue about Ghost. If you look at the dog tags in the multiplayer trailer they have Ghost’s name on them. We here at SFX-360 believe that the game developers were leaving us a clue that Ghost is Alive.

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iamnsuperman2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Nice catch but I do not think infinity ward are stupid. He was shot and then set on fire for quite a bit

I know the SAS are hard but not that hard. You would have to be super human

thrasherv32602d ago

"Nice catch but I do not think infinity ward are stupid."

Oh, I disagree. During WWII Capt.Price was shot on a German ship so I left him(he wasn't moving). I think I blew the ship up after I made my escape...and then he was shot and left to die on a bridge 70 years later but later turns up just fine. Mortality does not mean anything to IW. NOTHING.

iamnsuperman2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Its trivia. Every IW COD game there is Capt Price (also worth noting that the two Prices are different, one is john price the other is just price). Its a little different when you are continuing a story. People survive gun shot wounds and can die but be brought back. Its the golden hour. There were people there resuscitating him. I think though being shot and set of fire and left with no-one else means the end for ghost.

gamingdroid2602d ago

ah sh!t watching that video made me miss MW2. I'm really looking forward MW3!

Kee2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Yeah, that's not the same captain price...
(Plus, if he was a soldier for 70 years, you'd think he'd have a higher rank than captain... if he was even still alive)

I liked ghost, though. Looked really cool.

I wonder if we'll be playing as soap again?

Bull5hifT2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Sorry who is Ghost , All i know them by Is Ghilly Suit Guy, FroHawk Guy, and Main Dude... And JauggerKnaught, Or the Old Dude That Got His Arm Shot Off..... I never Bothered to remember these made up Characters , niw that you mention it captin price is the Guilly Suit Guy and Soap is the main guy >>> i really wanna see this "Ghost" what game is he in?

Kaizin5142602d ago


Ghost was a main character who was a part of the SAS in MW2. He is the "Guy with the skull mask."

Iroquois_Pliskin2602d ago

wait hows that possible? He got shot in the face and then burnt alive...

Motorola2602d ago

I friendly fired Sgt. Bowling in MW2 and he was at COD XP. Infinity Ward are magicians.

red2tango2601d ago

@Iroquois Sorry but how do you get shot in the face and burnt alive? You're already dead...

red2tango2601d ago

@Iroquois Sorry but how do you get shot in the face and burnt alive? lol logic fail

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Would be EPIC if they bring him back as a cyborg.

I think the military has the technology now to do this.

Motorola2602d ago

Too much Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mass Effect 2, huh?

HenryFord2601d ago

His heart stopped beating - let's pump some roboter-stuff and nanoparticles into him, it all will be fine!

Seriously - you believe that this kind of technology remotely exists? Green Light for RoboCop in RL?

Getowned2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

that would just ruin cod even more then it already is lmao ..but is there really such a thing as too much mass effect ?

Downtown boogey2602d ago

How about MW?
Even if you shoot Imran Zakhaev IN THE HEAD WITH A 50 CAL, he still manages to not die... At all...

iamnsuperman2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

That is a little different. Would ruin the story and also have some sort of weird time paradox if you could(also you shoot him in the arm not the head that is why he is missing an arm). Also when shooting a weapon, even if you crosshairs are on target doesn't mean it hits that target.

Downtown boogey2601d ago

I'm merely pointing out the stupidity of the game and yes, of course I made the astute observation that the bullet you fire gets its trajectory heavily altered by the wind (you pretty much cannot hit Zakhaev, if you're pointing directly at him after all). Still, I shot him in the head and he only lost his arm.

casuaIGAM3R2601d ago

its because the game is scripted, so you don't dome him in the head :P.

hqgamez2602d ago

well they were stupid thinking people would love the game even if it was the same engine used.

rabidpancakeburglar2601d ago

Looking at that video, it seems only roach gets set on fire, so assuming the bullet didn't kill him(I know it's a headshot but they aren't always fatal) he could be alive.

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aviator1892602d ago

Hmm, it'd be a cool twist if ghost actually was alive and he was the one man behind starting world war 3 due to the betrayal by shepherd.

NYC_Gamer2602d ago

why bring back a character that clear as day died

Micro_Sony2602d ago

Well rumors has it that Nathan Hale will be in R3 so it must be a game trend to bring back dead people from the dead.

What next old snake in MGS5 :)

Jio2601d ago

They're going to do a Metal Gear Solid story, The body of Ghost that was burned was nothing but a clone and in fact he was alive and well hunting down the people that did this to him.

PRHB HYBRiiD2602d ago

Well if he is alive he might look like this..

masasame2602d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

or this btw notice the back of his helmet there's a red skull mark

ljh2172602d ago

We never saw ghosts face. It could have easily not been ghost who died. His name is even 'Ghost', maybe IW are hinting at his return with his name as well. Seriously though, Ghost's character just screams 'jesus like resurrection imminent'.

J86blum2601d ago

Read the comics they clearly lead up to him joining the SAS and all that Jazz, its hime im not even a fan and I know it is Ghost. lol ghost could be alive and all steven hawkings in a wheelchair thats be funny.

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