Interview with Monica Horgan, The Original Voice Actress for Silent Hill 2's Mary/Maria

Silent Haven: This is a special one Silent Hill fans! I had the awesome opportunity to speak with the one and only Monica Taylor Horgan otherwise also known as the ORIGINAL voice actress for Mary/Maria in Silent Hill 2! In my opinion Monica was the best actor/actress in Silent Hill 2. She played two roles one of them being a very seductress and complex character the other is best know for the letter she reads at the end of the game. She was sexy, dramatic and heart warming all at the same time. She brought tears to some and undoubtedly moved everyone who played the game. Monica’s voice, just like all the other voice actors in Silent Hill 2, will never be replaced and will always be remembered by the characters they portrayed.

Speaking to Monica she gave me a little background of herself as well as her thoughts on the Konami and Guy Cihi fiasco and how she fits in the picture. Here is my discussion with Monica, enjoy!

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Skateboard2605d ago

No one can replace your voice. Amazing actress.

BrightFalls762605d ago

It's really too bad Konami couldn't do right with this re-release. The franchise has taken on a "Star Wars" vibe with every new installment being horrible and new voices being edited.

In my eyes pick up a PS2 and the original releases used, it will be a much better experience.