One Piece: Kaizoku Musou Complete First Scan

Saiyan Island: "The rumor of One Piece on PS3 first hit the web earlier this week on Wednesday. On Thursday, we received a partial Shonen Jump scan. Then on Friday, we recieved two more parts of the scan. Like the first partial piece, the next second and third were also in low camera-like quality. Well, finally, the complete first scan, in a nice format, has finally be released!"

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Infernostew2627d ago

See any other dynasty warriors game for gameplay.

d3nworth12627d ago

I dont why people dissagree. If you look at the 3rd screenshot from the top you see Luffy fighting a large group of enemies like dynasty warriors.

Infernostew2627d ago

Woah people! I love the dynasty warriors series and am definitely going to get this game if/when it comes to the US. That being said, you can't deny that this is going to be the same old formula that we all know and love.