Jennifer Hale On When To Shut Up And Let Her Work

Actress Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid) has voiced more games than just about anyone. In this exclusive Gamasutra interview, she reveals how directors can get the most out of their talent.

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Lord_Sloth3511d ago

I find most of her performances to be rather stale. It's like everything she says is at the same tone and there's never any emotion behind her voice.

I'll admit that she did a good job in MGS4 but I can't find myself interested in her other works. Yes, I've played ME1 and 2 and that's the most overrated performance I've ever heard!

GameZenith3511d ago

I believe the reason why people "over hype" her ME Female Shepard performance is because the Male Shepard performance is just SO bad, boring, and sometimes monotone. So when you compare that to Jennifer Hale's take on Shepard, you can see where she did a better job but even Female Shepard is a bit stale at times.

But then again this is videogames and male gamers generally give more positive attention to women who are related to videogames and in this case, it is Jennifer Hale.

Lord_Sloth3511d ago

I dunno. I preferred the more angry sounding voice work of Male Shep.

Draperc3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Eh, from my experience it depends on if you're playing as paragon or renegade Shepard. If it's the former, Jennifer Hale does a better job than Mark Meer. For the latter, Mark Meer gives a better performance.

GameZenith3511d ago

I still believe us male gamers generally exaggerate the performances of female voice actors in comparison to male voice acters. Another example would be the attention that Claudia Black gets.

DarkSymbiote3511d ago

If you think her voice acting is stale then you probably don't even know what she has voiced.

Lord_Sloth3511d ago

Actually I rather adore Ms. Black as a VA. She's very talented.

I am aware of her works and aside from a few of them, I don't care for her performances yet her fans treat her like she's the greatest thing since sex!

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Lord_Sloth3511d ago

I'm not gonna put much stock in any1 named Kos-Mos.

Kos-Mos3510d ago

It`s just your lack of depth comment about her voice. You don`t understand that I was telling you what you sound like in your first comment, but again depth is hard.

Tuxedo_Mask3511d ago

Considering the amount of interviews and articles we've been seeing with her in them compared to the ones we've seen with Mark Meer perhaps she should take her own advice.

She does decent work in her voice acting, but that doesn't mean everyone wants to know her opinion about everything. As for her advice for directors, that's nice, but they're the directors, and if she becomes too difficult to work with she won't have as many offers as she has now.

J86blum3509d ago

She needs to shush and do her job, dance monkey dance.