Kristen Stewart Set For Resistance Adaptation?

Kristen Stewart is to be offered a role in the movie adaptation of video game Resistance, according to reports.

The Twilight star took part in a Resistance 3 "walk of terror" to launch the new game, which is out on September 6.

The actress appeared to be somewhat spooked by the experience, which featured the group she was in being chased round a series of rooms by actors dressed as monsters.

A source said: "They're making a Resistance movie and she could be the perfect lead, she'd definitely be on the casting wishlist."

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iamnsuperman2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I thought Battle: Los Angeles was the adaptation. Very similar in some parts.

red2tango2695d ago

Did you play Resistance 1 and did you even understand why the aliens were on Earth in Battle Los Angeles?

ali3122695d ago

Im sorry but she is the most depressing actress out there! She cant act, she doesnt smile, dont let her ruin the movie

kneon2695d ago

Sounds perfect for a resistance movie, it's not a story that offers much opportunity for happiness and smiling :)

btk2695d ago

But then - Resistance is a tragedy - she fits the bill for a depressing mood film.

hqgamez2695d ago

I think she can be great in the movie, but they may be better people.
Since resistance is a depressing story. I find her as a depressed actor. No happiness, maybe that is why they looked at her.

Now I know must gamers would be like, "I don't want no stupid twilight chick in my game"
Now, most gamers would agree, but to make a good movie based on the game, you need it right.
You don't just add a hot chick like Jolie for Tomb Raider. all people care about was like tits!
Then again the movie was trash.

BlindGuardian2695d ago

no way

also he might look a little like Hale but please no Vin Diesel either

GamingManiac2695d ago

Why not?? Vin Diesel's awesome!

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TheKindRoost2695d ago

A source said: "They're making a Resistance movie and she could be the perfect lead, she'd definitely be on the casting wishlist." a big fat NO please.

rickhunter892695d ago

she coud die in the first few minutes

Motorola2695d ago

I wouldn't mind if she died in the opening sequence to be honest.

LarVanian2695d ago

If a Resistance movie is to be made then please, avoid casting Twilight stars.

iamnsuperman2695d ago

Do you not want them to be all depressed and self loathing and to talk there feelings??? /s

Tanir2695d ago

i think it would amazing; Kristen stewart's character would have a love triangle with a human and a chimera would be interesting since the chimera normally dont wear shirts either

Bangkay2695d ago

Sparkling Chimerans ain't so bad.

farhsa20082695d ago

This could ruin the movie before it is even out!!!

WhiteLightning2695d ago

Urgh....someone related to Twilight....a film which destroyed the Vampire genre.

Last good vampire film (without naming foreign films) was 30 days of Night (perfect ending scene)....I would say Daybreakers but it wasn't really as good as people made it out to be. Suppose if you do look at foreign films you can count Let the right one in, the orginal not the crappy remake. I mean 30 days of night could of had a great on screen sequel starring Mellisa George again but because they knew those kind of vampires wern't "in" anymore they did a crappy straight to DVD remake. <sigh>

LarVanian2695d ago

The second Wesley Snipes is released from prison, Marvel better make a new Blade where he brutally murders a shit load of tween vampires in the most gory and violent way possible.

WhiteLightning2695d ago

I know I would like to see that aswell but you get those people saying "He shouldn't get any work when he gets out of prison he was in there for a reason"...I honestly don't care that he's been in prison, when he's in a Blade film he's Blade...not Wesley Snipes.

Look at someone like OJ Simpson I would of wanted him to be in the Naked Gun 4 again to play his role when Leslie Neilson started the project before he died despite what he done.

You can't get rid of characters in films or recast them, look at Beverly Hills Cop 3 most people didn't return and it wasn't as good as the first two.

Inception2695d ago

Sorry, i have to disagree in here. Let Me In, the remake from Let the Right One In is a great movie. Chloe Moretz did her job very well (i knew cause she's so good in Kick Ass). And i will watch her again on Hugo and Dark Shadows.

OT, well i hope Resistance movie will have the same atmosphere like R3 teaser trailer. If not than good luck for Sony...

WhiteLightning2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Sorry but it was crap compared to the original....just because an actor is good in one movie dosen't mean their good in another.

For example I love Superbad but I hate Michael Cera, it's the only movie I can stand him in....anything else I can't stand to watch because I think he's a talentless prick who has played the same role in 7 films and even a TV series which he first starred in.

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