Pre-Order RAGE For Only $42.99!

Thinking about getting one of the most anticipated and talked-about shooters of 2011? is offering a special deal for only $42.99 if you pre-order RAGE this weekend!

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Crazyglues2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

This is a No-Brainier, and a No Excuse... if you were just a little on the fence...

this is the price to make you jump off the fence and just buy it...

42.99 for brand-New come on' What more could you possible want?

Get this NOW!!!!


frostyhat1232603d ago

I Just did! Calm down sir!!

andrewsqual2603d ago

Isn't really fucking news is it???

-MD-2603d ago

This is better news than 99% of the crap this site gets.

AO1JMM2603d ago

Preordered! Thanks Newegg.

Human Analog2603d ago

Done! Good deal. Thanks for the heads up.

Excalibur2603d ago

I was going to cancel my Amazon pre-order but after looking a little close I'm sticking with them as I pre-order it for $54.99 + .99 cent same day shipping. it has $10.00 off plus pre-order DLC goodies.

So basically for 3 bucks more I'm playing it the day it's released and getting DLC as well, a better deal in my mind.

MasterD9192603d ago

You can't use that $10 towards your purchase of Rage- only your next purchase.

Plus the Anarchy edition is the same DLC Amazon is giving away. I love Amazon but NewEgg's deal is better IMO.

Excalibur2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

And that is fine since 99% of my video game purchases come from Amazon and I have 8 more games I'm still getting this year.
The $10.00 credit is also good for a year and usable on most electronics as well as video games and movies.

I also want to play the game day one as opposed to 3 days after it's release as that is the next available option for free shipping at Newegg.

Please understand that I realize that the Newegg price is a great deal, I actually love it, these kinds of deals just create competition between vendors and when vendors compete for our $$$ WE are the ones that win, hence Neweggs great deal, maybe I will get lucky and Amazon will fire back with some sort of deal of their own. :)

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