DICE talks about vehicle customization in new blog post

DICE has posted a new entry on the Battleblog, discussing vehicles and vehicle customization in Battlefield 3. Not only will Battlefield 3 feature 20 vehicles (as we already know), there will also be 80 unlockable vehicle customizations, where players unlock customizations based on the vehicle class they play, rather than unlocking them in general.

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A-Glorious-Dawn2605d ago

For me one of the best parts of being an engineer was being able to hop out a tank with the repair gun and fix it up, for yourself or a buddy...

Not totally hostile to this new system, hope there is still elements from BC2, change is good though...

PhantomT14122605d ago

At least we can disable them... but yeah, it could've been good if they stayed with the old system.

MidnytRain2605d ago

I like the fact that they become disabled before being completely destroyed, which forces heavily damaged players in tanks to stop. I think we can all remember times when an idiot in a beat up tank which was one RPG away from exploding decided to just drive away from a nearby Engineer.

Hicken2603d ago

I imagine that it'll be different in hardcore. Or rather, that it'll be just like the soldier's health in hardcore, in that it doesn't regenerate.

consolez_FTW2605d ago

Awesome. Unlockable vehicle customizations for each vehicle! man...Ill be spending a ton of time online trying to unlock everything. In BC2 I unlocked everything so quickly. Though vehicles having regenerating health might lead to some annoying situations...Guess well see once the beta starts.

Solo2272604d ago

regenerative health on tanks is stupid... Any goes against common sense realism... Im willing to bet they put this in because of the large number of attack vehicles in the game...

They had to attempt some form of balance...