The Question: Is EA's COD mudslinging good business?

Destructoid - Electronic Arts has been attacking Activision and Call of Duty to an extreme degree as we grow closer to November. While Activision has been doing its best to ignore any mudslinging, EA has been having a rather one-sided argument, trash talking its more stoic rival in a shameless manner.

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evrfighter2603d ago

awww look its destructoid coming to rescue its master. lol

The Question: Is Activision stupid enough to continue letting the press compare PC BF3 to 360 MW3?

Look around it's not going too well for mw3 the hate for cod is spreading like wildfire. I'm enjoying it

iamnsuperman2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Its people like you who live sheltered lives. The hate is spreading on websites like this. But the people who buy the game tend not to go on websites like this and so do not care. DO you think 18 million people go on these websites?

OT: I honestly thing its childish PR. They are not helping the image of the industry if they are trash talking a competitor. EA should be taking the higher ground but they are not. I have lost respect for EA. They say things like "rot to the core" which isn't helping and they criticise Activison for releasing a COD every year when they do that with there whole sports division. Look at the most recent Madden.The only sport gaming improving is FIFA and that is small increases.

MintBerryCrunch2603d ago

the games will talk for themselves

Dojan1232603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

How many of us talk crap to eachother when we are playing the game... Someone call 911 becuse I just stole your pride!

Looks like EA wants to be like it's customers :)

Raven_Nomad2603d ago

Well EA has run their campaign as brilliantly as Barrack Obama did. Too bad it'll have about the same results in the end.

People comparing MW3 trailers which are running off 6 year old Xbox 360 hardware, compared to super high end PC Battlefield 3 trailers which are run off PC's that I personally don't know a single person in real life actually has.

Then EA tries to trash talk, in the end it's not going to do them any good. COD fans are so widespread it really wont matter. If you like COD and I mean really like how it plays and your swayed by the graphics of BF3, you are going to be disappointed when you play the game on console. Not only do Battlefield games play nothing like COD games, but they are so slow paced they can put you to sleep.

COD fans like action, 60 FPS and the online community. All those things are definitely what Battlefield wont have.

I know Activision is hated here for some reason, but where I come from EA is the worst of the worst and eventually they will screw you over. They have already started to ruin games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Wait till we start getting an annual Battlefield/Medal Of Honor game. They already bought the NFL license and wont share the Porsche license since Forza is slapping their racing game around. They also charge for online passes, you cant even get a roster update on Madden without one.

Let's not forget good'ol EA's new "Season pass" where you can download an EA Sports game 3 days in advance from release .....but only for an added subscription price...

Now let's part with that old EA saying "Get the fuck out of my building".

radphil2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

You not only had to start crap with people on here, but now you brought politics into this as well.

What is wrong with you?