First Look: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer (Pocketlint)

Pocketlint: "Every time a new Call of Duty game comes out I go through the same dilemma. I stand looking at the disc knowing that if I dare put it into my console I will likely face months of gaming solitude, only to emerge once I have reached multiple prestige levels."

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FACTUAL evidence2602d ago

This game will be fun for a week, until it gets exposed for being unbalanced, and glitches. Then back to the real COD...that's COD4.

NukaCola2602d ago

First Look?

This crap is plastered all over every gaming website. I for am sick of it. It isnt building up any hype, just eating up bandwidth that could go to something else.

DoctorXpro2602d ago

My feelings are mixed, I like the new stuff but feels more of the same(whitch is not bad but its not amazing)

DirtyLary2602d ago

Demolition spawn lock KDR whores are going to eat up this XP package. IW and Activision know it too. Expect the horrible spawn system to stay the same.