Official Modern Warfare 3 Achievements List Leaked

All pics now up, all achievements, apart from the secret one, hope you guys get something out of this! ;) Also, from what I can see thy look pretty straightforward and easy.

The trophy list (PS3) is bound to be identical, so you can take it for that also.

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SephirothX212602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Very much the same as before. Without the original IW team, there will be no innovation in this series. It'll be interesting to see what Respawn do. I'm not going to get this game but as for Battlefield 3, I'm
Well I'm not that excited...

BladedTech2602d ago

So basically the same achievements except with a new name.

Buzz7S2602d ago

Yeah, that's about right. I get that IW don't do online achievements, but they could of attempted something rather different to Modern Warfare 2.

I'd rather see the entire campaign completed on the Veteran difficulty for unlocking achievements, not playing on Normal or harder. At least that is a bit of a challenge.

TheMrMadzen2601d ago

Is there even anything else to leak now??