No more nuke! How Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is fixing kill streaks, perks, weapons and matches

GamesRadar - Taking the stage at Call of Duty XP last night, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling let the crowd know that big changes are in the works for the Modern Warfare franchise, most of them relating to the games’ balance. Some of the biggest complaints from fans, he said, came from the cheesier perks and kill-streak rewards, which tipped the scales hugely in the favor of experienced players. So the worst offenders – like the infamous, match-ending nuke – are gone, and in their place is a new kill-streak system designed to even the odds a bit and reward different kinds of play.

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dark-hollow2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

No more nuke,
Camping decrease by 80%

RedDead2695d ago

Auto Grenade launcher! Exploding suicide Dogs

evrfighter2695d ago

killstreaks where you don't actually need to streak

Jenzoid2695d ago

So, they're fixing things that should already been fixed in MW2 and puts a 59$ pricetag on it?

Nice. I will certainly buy this!

/stupid consumer

MidnytRain2695d ago

^^^They're making the game better than the last and people are still whiny.

Caleb_1412695d ago

So you're happy paying $60 technically which is MW2 but with a few things people didn't like removed? and which could have easily been rectified by simply patching the game?

I hate how they use the removal of features which were stupid in the first place as a major selling point for MW3


I hope Activision doesn't think that all their consumers are total idiots - obviously most are though.

MidnytRain2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )


Chill out, guy. They're showing they're listening to gamers, which isn't a bad thing. I probably won't buy MW3, but it's cool that I have the choice. I can choose, I've got nothing to fuss about.

karl2695d ago

the thing dude is that the main thing about MW is the MP...

and u could have MW3 MP with nothing more than an update for MW2... but no, u are paying a full game

most studios make completely new games.. this guys made a DLC .. add a number to the end sell it as a new game.. and u are happy..

they are not listening to gamers if they keep not fixing their games everytime they release one.. there is barely any support for this game

u can only expect more MAP PACKS so u can keep getting your money taken from u... because they know u will pay

thx god i wont

kza2695d ago

So they admitt the last few cod sucked wtf lol

ambientFLIER2691d ago

No...rebalancing a game doesn't mean you're admitting that the previous version sucked.


how about the horrible bullet lag and hit detection ?

Because I enjoy nothing more then running out of line of sight only to drop dead and watch the kill cam showing some guy shooting at thin air and getting hit markers then killing be half a second later...

it's not really fixing it if you take lame stuff out that should never have been in the game only to replace it with more lame stuff.

ambientFLIER2691d ago

Um...the kill cams lag. The actual bullets don't. How many times does that have to be explained to you people?

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