Modern Warfare 3 and CoD XP: The Public Verdict

NowGamer - We're at Call of Duty XP all this weekend in sunny Los Angeles, and this time we've asked attendees what they think of the expo's first year, as well as the slew of fresh Modern Warfare 3 news revealed these past few days.

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Hufandpuf2630d ago

they paid $150 dollars for it, so of course they'll love it.

BladedTech2629d ago

Hey guys, the trolls love it.

Redgehammer2628d ago

I just love video games fans, and am glad to be included in the ranks as one. Although I am not a COD fan (its a FPS so I like it some), I can appreciate the fervor and passion that would compel someone to go to such an event.

Ethereal2628d ago

I got a free ticket and while I am fan of FPS's (I play all genres) I was very pleased with what I played at XP.