The Complete List of 16 Secondaries and 14 Attachments - Machine Pistols are Back

"Yesterday, we brought you a complete list of MW3 primary weapons and a detailed look at the deathstreaks. Today, we’ve just received lists of the confirmed Secondaries and Attachments. Secondary weapons include 4 machine pistols, 6 Hanguns, and 6 Launchers. In terms of attachments, Modern Warefare packs in 14 attachments." - MP1st

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iXenon2603d ago

I hope duel G18s are back

Criminal2603d ago

Exactly what I had in mind, those were my number 1 secondary weapons.

floetry1012603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Ahhh the G18's were so much fun. With the SPAS-12 and shotguns in general as primaries, I think I've found one of my favourite rushing combo's already.

Criminal2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )


Damn, I like the way you think, a rushing loadout with SPAS and G18s is just perfect.

As an alternate, for bigger maps, replace SPAS with an MP5 or UMP.

TheBeast2603d ago

Thank god machine pistols are back!

Mister_V2603d ago

Missed them in Black Ops

Mister_V2603d ago

I can finally live out my dream of Being James bond with the Walther P99.

Swiggins2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Only if you play this in the background ;)

MrGunny942603d ago

Doom's day coming...Machine pistols what a damm joke..who in they right mind would use it in real life..most of the army kit issues only brings you the primary gun..sometimes they got a M4 or M16 on their back instead of a side arm

JokesOnYou2602d ago

Its not real life....its a videogame.

vickers5002602d ago

".Machine pistols what a damm joke..who in they right mind would use it in real life"

Uh, Call of Duty isn't realistic, and isn't trying to be, and shouldn't try to be. If you want realism, then go elsewhere and stop b*tching. I suggest going with PC gaming if you want realism, from what I hear, there are plenty of realistic shooters on that platform.

Jovahkiin2603d ago

Cant believe they left out an M1911 style gun. Infinity ward.... I am dissapoint.

Doshaxik2603d ago

Can't beleive they left out the M9, I loved that pistol in MW2.

Jovahkiin2603d ago

Cant believe I didn't realise that omission either :(

Battlefields weapon list is certainly looking more fuller.

(PS. Im not trying to start an argument, just a clear observation)

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