9 reasons a Call of Duty Elite Premium subscription is actually worth the money

Chris Antista writes:When it was first announced, Call of Duty Elite was the source of more than a little controversy, as the internet erupted in an indignant rage over Activision’s supposed greed in launching a premium subscription service for Call of Duty content. Today, however, we finally learned the details of Elite – specifically, that it’s much more than a stingy new way to charge for DLC. In fact, if anything, Elite seems more than a little generous.

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evrfighter2692d ago

I'm suprised someone actually came up with 1 reason

JoGam2692d ago

LOL...It good for someone who buys all the DLC content. Buying the premium would be cheaper than buying all the DLC and you get the DLC FREE with premium.

Caleb_1412691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I haven't bought any DLC since the WaW packs on PS3 - when MW2 came out it occured to me that they were starting to milk the franchise and just overprice shit in general, so I just didn't pay up.

Also COD4 and WaW were worth the money I felt, whereas MW2 and BO are just terrible... too much content with too little balance.

iamnsuperman2691d ago

And that is why it is worth it for the customers who buy DLC. I you like COD and are going to buy the DLC you might as well get the premium.

sonicsidewinder2691d ago

There is no facepalm big enough...

Kee2691d ago

Does the hardened edition come with free elite for a year? It'd make more sense to get that, wouldn't it?

DirtyLary2691d ago

Of course, but you are still paying for it regardless.

Kee2691d ago

Yeah, that's true, but if you want the DLC, then you'll get all the super expensive map packs for free, too. So it pays for itself. I only bought one map pack for black ops and it cost me 11 quid. If I pay an extra £10 to buy the game I can get cod elite and the maps for no extra cost. It's a good bargain.

cyclonus0072691d ago

If you love Call of Duty and want EVERY SINGLE THING that is associated with that, then it is worth it.

If you (like me) are soured on the idea of playing Call of Duty ad nauseum for the unforeseeable future, don't care about the timing of map packs, cringe at the idea of paying a company for a service for ONE GAME, and plan on playing more than just said game for the next 12 months, this is not for you.

cliffbo2691d ago

here is one reason why you should not pay for it, it should all have been in the game from the start, you should not have to purchase it as DLC since all the DLC was held back so they could sell it to you to make more money off you, DO NOT PURCHASE ANY DLC then they will just give you it in the games as standard like they used to do.

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The story is too old to be commented.