Editorial: What Happened To Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Seriously, where did it go? Ever since Final Fantasy XIII-2 was announced, we haven't heard anything about Versus XIII...that might be a bad sign.

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Joule2606d ago

another one of these articles :\

RedDead2606d ago

Yeah it's quite sad. Simple fact is. Xiii 2 and Type 0 are coming out first. Don't show a better product is all. Don't compete with yourself. Alot of people think this means multi plat. No it does not at all. I wouldn't be surprised if it does go multi, S-e being who they are.

Peaceful_Jelly2606d ago

not going multi would be a miracle. =0

iXenon2606d ago

Versus XIII is secretly a VII remake. .____. I betcha

Whitey2k2605d ago

square is becoming one shit developers they were heros now becoming zero's

Agent_hitman2605d ago

Fans are getting tired of waiting.. seriously

nickjkl2605d ago

people will wait forever for anything

i waited 7 years for redline to come out in japan
people waited 10 years for duke nukem
people are still waiting for the last guardian

gran turismo 5 doesnt count they never really announced it you just knew it was coming

coryok2605d ago

ffv13 is coming lol, theyre just releasing games in a logical order. 13-2 will probably sell more if they have it coming out closer to when 13 released. if they release both v13 and 13-2 at the same time than they'll probably both suffer lower sales than if they release them at separate times also.

people might be tired of waiting but se has to do whats best for profits

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