WWE '12 Will Have 23 Different Championships In The Game

WWE '12's Creative Director, Corey Ledesma, has announced that WWE '12 will have a staggering 23 different championship title belts.

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9thWonder2604d ago

1 this makes no sense 2 you're gonna have to got a large roster for "23 Champion Belts" -_- here we go.......

CaptainSheep2604d ago

Internet Championship, anyone?

DlocDaBudSmoka2604d ago

my guesses at the other 16 championships are- the hardcore title, european champ. the rock brahma bull title, ecw title, light heavyweight championship, nWo title. thats all i can think of. the others are probably from the other wrestling orgs. that vince bought. i didnt add the WCW world title bc that is now just the world heavyweight championship that RKO sports.

tarbis2604d ago

million dollar belt? it's not sanctioned but it would be interesting.

DasTier2602d ago

Yeah I was looking for that too. in SVR2011 we've got are own little league going with 20 of us, 10 in WCW 10 in ECW with main title of each being WCW title & ECW title and then have the minor titles of Hardcore(knockout with HIAC final) and Million $(Knock out with Ladder final). now I guess we'll have to find some other title to replace Million $ :(

Relientk772604d ago

Hardcore championship? I miss those matches :(

Irnbruguy2603d ago

24 hour defending of the title, was amazing

Relientk772603d ago

I loved it, it was so ridiclous

tarbis2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

It was the most entertaining bec you don't know when the title will be defended. It was more interesting than the wwe championship matches.
The best one was getting pinned in your own hotel room while you're sleeping. That was hilarious. XD

mjsmufc992602d ago

I skipped on svr2011 but will get this probably out of crimbo money CM PUNK got
Me back into wrestling.

DasTier2602d ago

bleeugh CM Punk is just a hobo with short hair and sponsorships tattoed all over him.