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-Mezzo-2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

$100 -- Called it.

JoGam2605d ago

Your wrong its $99.99. Just saying!

gamingdroid2605d ago

I was wondering about this, because at $80 it did sound too good to be true considering the standard is $60.

I always buy stuff on sale, so I'm sure this will be no different.

jdktech20102605d ago

Eh, I would be interested but I got it preordered for 48 at newegg's more expensive to get the hardened edition even if I get Elite at full price (still up in the air whether I care)

I never got limited and special editions of games anyway

Hazmat132605d ago

ok the Gears 3 trailer was cool now its just getting annoying!

gamingdroid2605d ago

wha? Gears in a MW3 article?

MSpence5162605d ago

I would have to say that this is a new one. lol

Tito082605d ago

Probably he's talking about the add, you know the video on the right where there shows some announcements about electronics....

Skate-AK2605d ago

Another over priced COD collectors edition.

MGRogue20172605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Wow, uSerious bro...? :O

How much is the Prestige edition going to cost then...? lol

I'm going for the standard version.. I don't care for CoD: Elite, it's garbage. I'll buy the Map Packs seperate.. well, the ones that I like, that is. :)

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