The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Preview [Gamertag Radio]

Gamertag Radio writes: "The game is visually stunning, as we’ve all had the opportunity to see in trailers, but that carries over to the actual in game experience. For those that have previously played an Elder Scrolls game, the general feel and control style appears to be similar to the past. The menus may have changed a bit (I admit to my memory being a little fuzzy *run oblivion on PC to test this theory*) as have things like conversation mechanics. At the core, you feel the difference from previous Elder Scrolls to Skyrim, but not the extent that it loses the feel of being an Elder Scrolls game."

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Gurt_McSquirt2627d ago

Great read. I've heard most of the information, but still glad to hear Skyrim is moving forward full force.

godfree2627d ago

Our staff member did a great job with this preview. Thanks for checking it out!

zero_cool2620d ago

Welcome to the world of casual scrolls where the object of the game is to mindlessly hack n slash n cast your way through the land of skyrim no strategy involved!

zero_cool2620d ago

Oh god forbid they make use of playstation move in this supposive action rpg which can be played in first person oh gee wait what's this tech demo video showing below!..