New Leaked Borderlands 2 Footage Features Sweeping Vistas, Old Friends, and Exploding Guns

An intrepid tipster has sent in a video s/he shot of the latest demo of Gearbox's upcoming shooter Borderlands 2, and so of course we thought we'd share it with all of you.

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TenSteps2628d ago

Why would anyone want Roland?

BiggCMan2628d ago

Dude have you ever used him and tried out all of his skills? He is so unstoppable if leveled up in the right way. My Roland is constantly regenerating health and ammo, and I have the most amazing weapons in the game on that file. I also love Mordecai, he is very good. Opposite to the popular thing though, I don't really like Lilith, i'm not really sure what so many people see in her. But to be honest, I never leveled her up all the way and tried out everything. And Brick to me was always boring.

Captain Tuttle2627d ago

Man, max out Lilith's elemental skills and her smg skills and put a Combustion Hellfire in her hands (Pele demands a sacrifice!!) and she's unstoppable.

aviator1892628d ago

Really does look awesome and still love that awesome art style!

hardandsloppy2628d ago

Looks like they fixed all of the complaints in borderlands 1, in this video alone!!!

BeOneWithTheGun2627d ago

I think I am the only person on the planet who did not like the overall look to the first game. I wish I could use a MIB flashy thingy and be told I love it. Game play was pretty cool but I just couldn't get into the Wile E Coyote graphics.

Ocean2627d ago

Still got time to finish the GOTY edition of Boardlands before this comes out

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