Detailed List of MW3 Deathstreaks - Stopping Power and Final Stand Come Back

Thought stopping power, final stand, and martyrdom were gone? Not quite. They do return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but in the form of deathstreaks.

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Criminal2602d ago

Painkiller, already. ;)

Blacktric2602d ago


Juiced: 4 deaths – move faster for a few seconds after spawning.

Revenge: 5 deaths – see position of last enemy that killed you on your mini-map.

Final Stand: 4 deaths – unlocks at lvl 32, most likely similar to last stand but with a primary weapon.

Martyrdom: 4 deaths – unlocks at lvl 51, drop a live grenade after dying.

Dead Man’s Hand: 6 deaths – unlocks at lvl 57, fall into last stand after dying with C4 equipped in your hand.

Hollow Points: 5 deaths – unlocks at lvl 71, bullets cause more damage for one kill (stopping power)."

At least it gets unlocked at level 71 instead of 10-20 or something.

princejb1342602d ago

i guess I'm gonna be committing suicide a lot just to earn that martyrdom lol

Hayabusa 1172601d ago

Isn't the point of death streaks suppose to be that it gives noob players a fighting chance? How are the noobs going to unlock it at level 71 when they keep dying? Furthermore, doesn't that mean only l33t COD players will unlock the extra benefits of dying multiple times? Aren't they good enough to make a come back without the aid of a death streak?

This smells of hypocrisy and short sightedness to me. One of their designers should be sacked.

Blacktric2601d ago

I kind of agree with Hayabusa's comment but leveling up in Call Of Duty games isn't hard at all. You just need to have a dedication and some luck. Keep playing modes like Headquarters Pro or Domination and you'll reach level 70 in no time. If you're really dedicated, you might get there in days or maybe in over a week. But still, they should've made it available at 40 if you ask me. Like Martyrdom in MW 2 (if I'm not mistaken). It's not that big of a deal anyway, you'll just have some extra power to kill 1 guy and then it'll return to normal.

blumatt2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Deathstreaks should never have been put in CoD. It's BS that people get unfair help just because they suck. They should just learn to get better.

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Hitman07692602d ago

Lol okay so they get rid of some and bring back others?

Criminal2602d ago

I've always hated Deathstreaks, but at least they're not bring back Painkiller.

Mister_V2602d ago

I thought I saw the painkiller emblem in one of the multiplayer trailers :S hopefully not.

theonlylolking2602d ago

Final stand is WAY worse than painkiller. Final stand last as long as you can survive after you spawn.

iXenon2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Gives me more reason to suck at this game

Mister_V2602d ago

Gotta earn that martyrdom son!

Dart892602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Wtf dead mans hand was suppose to be originally in mw2 my bro has this mw2 guide and it shows it in there.

DiLeCtioN2602d ago

actual pic or it didn't happen

Cablephish2602d ago

I believe the last stand pro allowed you to use equipment in last stand, so you could equip c4 and detonate it but it wouldn't be really quick like this deathstreak.

Rahim922602d ago

Juiced seems pointless, especially for big maps

Criminal2602d ago

It's what I thought until I realized if someone is getting spawn trapped, it might come in handy.

Pro_TactX2602d ago

A better solution would be to change the spawn system to help prevent spawn-trapping in the first place.

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