3 reasons why Skyrim will be more fun than Oblivion

Bitmob: I've mentioned here before -- several times, by now -- that I found The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion really hard to get into and even harder to finish. The story didn't pull me in, the classes and leveling system were inscrutable, and the combat felt lackluster to me. So I went into my hands-on demo with Oblivion's sequel, Skyrim, at PAX Prime last week with a certain preconceived opinion.

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RedDead2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

1: Level scaling fixed
2: 100% Handcrafted world
3: presentation(everything sound, animation etc)

it's just those reasons are small compared to mine ;)

gw4k2695d ago

Just 3 reasons? Your slipping' (another one of 'those sites')

BeOneWithTheGun2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I know, right? From what I have seen this is a huge step forward from Oblivion. Taking parts of all their greatest open-world games and mixing it all up into this 300-we-then-stopped-counting hour epic saga of a story that actually will have me NOT skipping cut-scenes.

Coffin872695d ago

What reasons do you need, really? It's made by the same people who made 4 of my all-time favourite games. (TES3, TES4, FO3, FO:NV).

I give you a reason not to click the site: It eagerly wants your clicks and therefore chooses Skyrim as a theme so as many people as possible are inveigled to click on it.

Blacktric2695d ago

As long as they don't release crappy or overpriced DLC's like Horse Armor and Mehrune's Razor (250 MS points for one measly dungeon and one item ffs), it's GOTY. Not that I'm against small scale DLC's like those but either make them free or just put the content in a much bigger DLC pack with a reasonable price.

thebudgetgamer2695d ago

i always liked the elder scrolls games, but their too open for my add riddled brain sometimes.

BeOneWithTheGun2695d ago

We all have our preferences but I live for open world games. It can seem overwhelming but that is because most games have trained you to "stay the course". In Bethesda games, you do the opposite.

After a couple hours of feeling like a little worm on a big fucking hook, it hits you; you can go anywhere and do anything. At that moment, the epiphany you feel makes you wonder how you can ever run down a hallway again.

thebudgetgamer2695d ago

im still buying it, just saying sometimes i get lost and have to step back then come back later.

HeavenlySnipes2695d ago

Sometimes I wished they'd lock certain areas off (for story related reasons) until later on with harder enemies. That way, when you leveled up you'd actually see the difference between you and enemies you've been fighting for 20 hours.

As you progress in the story and gain access to new areas, you meet harder enemies to test your strength. Yeah, EVERY other RPG does that, but it works.

Bigpappy2695d ago

Those aren't my main concerns.

1) I want to explore and fine loot that is unique and useful.
2) I want the game to have an economy where the weath I achieve is actually helpful in the game.
3)I want to be able to steal with out everyone in the game automaticly knowing that the item was stollen.

The more I think about what I want the more anger I am feeling over what was done to Oblivion. I know many of you love that game. But just thinking about it just make me no even want to give this game the chance it deserves. I am a huge fan of Morrowind. It is the best game I have ever played. I was expecting so much from Oblivion that it lead me to massive disappontment, to the point where I wasted my $60 and traded in the game after closing 2 gates. Oblivion mught have been a good game, but it was not what I was expecting to play when I bought it.

tee_bag2422695d ago

I'd love a Morrowind re-release. I'v been playing it recently with the 360 controller. Very nice

DarkBlood2695d ago

it be awsome if they did a rerelease with a graphic change but leaving everything else like the controls the same then

have it on psn/pc/xboxlive or as a bonus disc for a new special edition for consoles n so forth no?

schlanz2695d ago

3 reasons is selling this game short. There are at least 30 reasons.

mobijoker2695d ago

I love elder scrolls for its vastness.....I can't but wonder if Skyrim is that much big,what it will become in 10 years.......May be a game that will never end....

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