Confirmed: Diablo 3 Beta Officially Coming This Month

DSOGaming writes: "You’ve seen the leaked videos and images and you’ve been wondering what most of us were; <<When does the beta officially come out?>>. Well get ready everyone because Diablo 3 Beta is officially coming this month. No more speculations and no more ‘Q3 release plans’. It’s been officially revealed that it’s coming in September so you have every right to get excited."

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gw4k2602d ago

Ummm, FUNK YEAH! I hope I get in baby!

Gothdom2602d ago

Me too, I just got a new computer... I wish you good luck

gw4k2602d ago

Right back at ya mate.

Bereaver2602d ago

Actually, you probably don't believe me.... BUT THE BETA STARTS TOMORROW!

Gothdom2602d ago

the kid in me wants to believe

AfricanWoolf2602d ago

I'm not excited. I know this makes me a boob but having an unstable internet connection has locked me out of this game.

So now I'm bitter and old and dead inside.

Going to go kill myself.


thehitman2602d ago

I wonder how much of the game will be accessible in the beta.

giantmann12602d ago

cant wait for this game to come out
how do you get in the beta actually :P

2602d ago
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