You Know What Would Make a Great Game? Battle Royale.

GP blogger, BossEpoch writes, "The rules are as follows: There are 3 days for one student to kill all of the other students, if he or she does so they are the 'winner' and are set free. Before departing onto the island students are taken to a briefing room, where they're given a bag that's filled with basic supplies; a compass, map, water and such. As well as the supplies the bags also contain a tool or weapon, this could be anything from binoculars to an axe and even cooking utensils. Every so often there are hot zones designated, and if you're in the hot zone your collar will be detonated; this is what the maps are for. After the debriefing the students are sent out of the building one at a time, by their class number going in the order of male > female > male, this is also when they're given their bag with supplies."

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BrightFalls762605d ago

I've brought this movie up in the past as well. Brilliant movie with potential to be an incredible open world sand box game. Going around the Island, trying to survive while offing classmates. And that is the reason it will never become a game, heads would explode. Same reason American remake that was planned fell apart shortly after Columbine.