Brazilian Portuguese Voice Over Drama Concerning Uncharted 3 Trailer

Gamertag Radio writes: "So this one is pretty amusing. An official trailer for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception was released in Brazilian Portuguese, done by a studio in Miami, and got a lot of hate from the local fans. Afterwards, a trailer appeared online, pitched for the same project but from a Brazilian studio,that got much more attention and like from gamers (though was apparently declined by Naughty Dog to be used)."

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Desmios2629d ago

someone please up it!

I am Brazilian ... Dubbing is a waste! rejected the best

cannon88002629d ago

It's not even bad. I'm Brazilian too but it's not even bad it's quite good. Por favor, parem de reclamar sobre isso.

Desmios2629d ago

nothing wrong? have to improve a little to be considered not bad

is horrible!!!

nada mal?? tem que melhorar um pouco para ser considerado nada mal...

isso está é horrivel

cannon88002628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

okay then maybe i've been living in america for far too long. because what i've heard didn't sound nearly as bad as what people are saying.

bostoner2628d ago

I don't speak Portuguese but its doesn't sound that bad, the lips even line up well sometimes. Its a game made in english, with american characters, mainly for english speaking people. I mean you think the studio should spend a lot of money on a dub to reach a fan base that is so small. I only know of brazil and portugal but combined they have just over a million ps3s as of may. America alone has 31 million. Great Brit just under 10 mill. Canada another 3 million even though parts speak french. Australia 1.5 million. Not to mention most young people learn english in school like all over europe. If I spoke japanese I wouldn't watch anime in dub but I dont and I wont complain to someone else for my own ignorance.
source for numbers

Ghoren2628d ago

Somos consumidores, e especificamente NÓS pagamos mais caro que todos. Temos todo o direito de reclamar. Se vc é covarde, fique com isso pra vc.

cannon88002627d ago

yeah i know brasil suffers a lot with the gaming industry but i don't know why that makes us cowards. All I ever said was that from those two videos it wasn't that bad. If the whole game is badly translated then yeah its going to be a problem for people that have to play the game in Portuguese.

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iamnsuperman2629d ago

The acting trailer is really good. The other one feels like a sitcom being dubbed.

Desmios2629d ago

Traduzir do: português

Michael-Jackson2629d ago

Why all of a sudden these dub issues show up? didn't Uncharted 2 have dubbing for this language?

Demarco1562629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

if you dont speak portuguese and dont understand anything let me clarified. Is like watching Resident Evil 1 english dub

dark-hollow2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )


Ghoren2628d ago

Like geohot, a brazilian hac....

oh wait...

godfree2629d ago

That's pretty bad. lol

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