What Zelda Can Learn From Skyrim

There's almost no doubt that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will turn out to be yet another strong entry in Nintendo's Zelda franchise, a fitting and powerful final chapter in Wii's incredible success story. Yet nine days before Zelda arrives, the video game industry is going to be greeted by another juggernaut fantasy series - The Elder Scrolls. Anticipation is running high for the visual stunner, which seemingly takes everything that made its fourth Scrolls installment so great and improves upon it for the fifth, titled Skyrim.

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psyxon2602d ago

Too bad you can't bump news. This is one of the unique stories I've seen in the past few days or so. Everything's been about CoD or BF. Approved.

hilyou2602d ago

thanks, now i know why u send me a request.

zinki332602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

There are also a lot of things Elder Scrolls could learn from Zelda or Demon's Souls,.. Especially when it comes to third person view (which is usually totally broken in all Bethesda games) and combat system,..There is a lot of half-assed gameplay elements, that barely work in classic Western RPGs and we just take them, because Rpg gamers are used of all the broken shit, because the connection with gameworld is so important to us,..

I really don't consider Zelda a classic RPG though,.. really heavy on RPG elements,.. Getting a new heart after defeating a boss does not really an RPG make,.. Always considered puzzle and action-adventure elements way more important in a Zelda games,.. And they always do a pretty spectacular job with it,..

Blaine2602d ago

They've already improved the 3rd person view I think. Did you watch the latest gameplay demonstration?

The Elder Scrolls could definitely learn a LOT from Demon's Souls though! That game had stellar gameplay.

newn4gguy2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Alternate titles:

"What Zelda Can Learn From Okami"

"What Zelda Can Learn From Shadow Of The Colossus"

Magnus2602d ago

I just want the Zelda game it looks great hopefully no annoying characters and its not done like Wind Waker.

BiggCMan2602d ago

Wind Waker was a fantastic game man! I love that game so much, and I always thought the art style was great!

Magnus2602d ago

I am all for a differant look but I was not for me I still played it and enjoyed it. But I like the look of Link fro Ocerina of Time and Majoras Mask.

cpayne932602d ago

I perfer the graphics to be more like twilight princess myself. But I think skyward sword will be somewhere in the middle.

Derpy2602d ago

I like both the TES series and the Zelda games, but I have no desire to mix them. I feel that Zelda does well on it's own path and have no desire to see it try to copy anything from a western rpg. Almost every Japanese game that has tried to copy what works well in the west, has resulted in a crappy game. When I buy a Japanese game, I want a Japanese game, not a poor intimation of a western game, when I'm in the mood for a western game, I buy a real one.

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