Akuma and Storm's new costumes revealed in new Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 screens

The latest shots from Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 reveal two other fighters new costumes

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J86blum2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Interesting, but talk to me when eaither Spider-Man gets the Scarlett Spider or Ben Riley Spiderman Outfits, or when Wolverine gets his head bandanna and bone claw outfit.

maniacmayhem2602d ago

You mean the noseless wolverine?

That wolvie was pure awesome!

J86blum2602d ago

It would make sense to include him because he was(in away) in MvC2 cause they had bone claw wolverine. Also wolverine does not fight down low to the ground and slouched over like he is portraied in the fighting games, in comics and cartoons he stands upright, the only time he faught low to the ground was when he was in the ferel state(the photo I posted.) after magneto ripped his adimantium out.

Ddouble2601d ago

You must be in my head because i've been saying the same thing as well. Scarlet spider and Ben's riley's cosutme are definitely a must.

Also Wolverine's classic look on his bike with the leather jacket and jeans.

Palette swaps are dissapointing but since people who preorder are getting new costumes then i can see Capcom adding proper costumes as dlc

Michael-Jackson2602d ago

What costumes? all I see is colors! taken from the comics/ source material.

There's NO costumes in this game besides the default, they are only available as DLC on PSN/XBLive.

Peaceful_Jelly2602d ago

Me too, I still don't it... I mean, where the hell are the costumes?

J86blum2602d ago

I agree, I could care less for color swaps just give me actual diffrent outfits and we would be gravy, and I might even buy the game. Alot if not all the characters have great alt outfits that could be used. granted I only stated Spider-Man and Logan, but all the marvels and the Capcoms included. I'd like to see maybe see Dante in his original Devil may cry outfit, and Mike Haggar could be given his Final Fight 3 outfit were he has the padding and pony tail. (plus that be awesome.)

But alass we could color changes to basic outfits then they say well here is were we got our ideas but its b.s since they show complete outfits. thats like me drawing Iron man in his Hulk Buster outfit(Btw tell me that wouldnt rock.) and then color swapping iron man and saying see thats our idea. (though it look like basic iron man I swear they would try to do it and say its a diffrent shade or gold/yellow and red.)