Is Call of Duty Elite premium tier for $50 a year worth it?

Subscription service includes all DLC in monthly content drops featuring multiplayer maps, spec op missions and new game modes; all versions of Hardened Edition include Elite membership.

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zeal0us2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

No if you don't plan on using all of the features
No if you plan on just using the free-version
Yes if you are a hardcore cod player
Yes if you got the money to throw away

Was going to do comparison between this and battlelog but I think that comparison has been press on for far too long.

gamingdroid2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

Yes, if you are going to buy *all* the DLC.
Yes, if you care about the paid features.

No, if you hate CoD! :D

NukaCola2628d ago

What is sad is this means there are idiots out there who will drop the $110 plus tax and more for this one damn milked game, and they are going to pass over Skyrim and Uncharted 3. It's sad what activision is doing to the gaming industry. I wish people would take a stand and just say 'no' for once.

gamingdroid2627d ago

I don't know, what one persons gold is another manure. We all have different preferences, so I don't see anything wrong with choosing CoD.

You can give people Skyrim and Uncharted even at half price, but if they don't enjoy it, then it still doesn't matter. I tend to spend far more time on a multi-player game (and maps) than an entire game I paid $20 for. Sometimes several times the amount of time over....

Magnus2628d ago

Wow Activision know how to milk a franchise even Microsoft is not this bad with Halo. Only hardcore COD fans will go for it or 12 kids sorry but Ill pass and just rent the game.

dangert122628d ago

They have a pass for gears £15 get 33% discount

TheDivine2628d ago

No its 15 euros or 30 us dollars for all dlc that will be released. 30 dollars at once or around 45 if you buy individual map packs, you dont buy a discount thats the amount you save buying it at once.

COD elete is a decent deal if its your main game. Free maps, spec ops, and all the extra stuff is worth it if your the type to buy all the dlc anyways. For me il be happy with just the game but i would buy all the gears dlc prob and socom 4 dlc if they ever make any lol. For fans of the game it seems like an awesome idea.

gamingdroid2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

At least when you rent (or borrow) CoD, you can play online without forking over to Activision due to Online Passes that EA introduced.

Brosy2628d ago

I say no because they release a new COD every year. I still track my BF stats and its going on two years and im about to throw my stats of BFBC2 out the window for BF3. Waist of money.

lucifon2628d ago

If you enjoy cod and will most likely get the DLC's then sure, infact it works out at making the cost of each pack close to 800msp (not exactly).

Don't need an article jumping on the cod-hate bandwagon for hits for something that's a pretty simple concept to grasp. Worth is completely opinion.

TheTruth892628d ago

oh my god... activision is going to print money with this service....

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The story is too old to be commented.