How important is game length to you, do you feel cheated if a game feels short?

This week we are answering a question about game length. There is no doubt a huge difference in the way 6 hour or 100 hour game plays and feels. But do you feel cheated if you only get a 6 hour single player experience for $60?

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rabidpancakeburglar2601d ago

I never leave a short game feeling cheated unless it's a bad game or a game in which multiplayer is the main feature. Game length is very important to me, I want a game to be as long as it can possibly be made although I do appreciate that some games are made for those who may prefer shorter games or may not have much free time.

gravemaker2601d ago

i dont mind short campaign if there is something to do beside it, like in Mirrors Edge there was time trials(very addictive i must say)
but if there is nothing more than 4-5h campaign i'd feel dissapointed

DeathProof2601d ago

6 hr campaign with a lame multiplayer is weak, 6 hr campaign with sweet multi is all good....but only a single player game needs to have a a good 15+ if multi is not in the equation. But really a good game is what matters in the end....whether the game is short or long matters less than the quality of gaming experience for sure.