Notch tweets new image of chest mechanics in Minecraft 1.8

A couple hours ago Notch tweeted an image of a new chest mechanic presumably to be seen in the upcoming 1.8 update. The new image shows a couple of cool new features, one being that you can actually see the chest open (and presumably it will have some sort of open/close animation to compliment the status) as well as apparently being able to see if a chest is empty without having to get to it. This will likely save many infuriating mountain climbs to a fortress with no treasure left.

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CraigUK2606d ago

this stuff annoys me, when it just links to some forum post. i thought this was against some of the rules or something.

3GenGames2606d ago

This. Plus, it only shows an image of an open chest, doesn't mean there's animation. So much speculation, just pass this up. No real content besides 2 posts and 0 pictures or facts.

JoePrime2606d ago

You guys do realize I posted this is an "Image" - right? Where does it say "Article" or "News" hm? I'm sorry there isn't much more more than an image, but I thought the was point of posting as "Image"...

3GenGames2606d ago

And you realize that the article should just direct to the tweet to show it? Not some dumb form, no wonder you work for no site.

Winkle922606d ago

Well I for one appreciate the information, no matter what form it comes in.

Miths2606d ago

"Chest mechanics"? Is that look "boob physics" in Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur? :)