Microsoft Begins Promoting New Modern Warfare Themed Xbox and Gear

Gaming Irresponsibly reports, "As many of you may know, the Call of Duty XP is being held in Los Angeles, California today. There has been a plethora of news released from the event in the past few hours, and now Microsoft is getting in on the fun. The newest of about 5000 themed Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles has been revealed as Microsoft has sent out mass emails to its fans with instructions on how to get your hands on one."

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agentxk2602d ago

All these themed Xboxes... Do people actually buy new ones?

MoreRPG2602d ago

i bought the Halo 3 Edition

agentxk2602d ago

I came off as an ass.

Do people buy collectors versions when they OWN one already?

gamingdroid2602d ago

I would, and I'm sure plenty of others do. However, $400 isn't exactly small change no matter how much you make.

I feel bad about spending money frviliously when others are struggling in third world countries.


I am buying the Star Wars Kinect R2-D2 console.

gamingdroid2602d ago

I want the Gears of War 3 console the most, but they all look so good. Wish I could freely spend money and buy 3 Xbox 360's.

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QuantumWake2602d ago

I like the custom sounds it makes when you eject the disc tray. The console design looks great. This and the Gears 3 console is great for people looking to buy a new Xbox 360.


Boody-Bandit2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

The Gears 3 model does look cool, and this MW3 model is pretty nice as well, but I want a Forza edition unit. I mean seriously, WTF MS, when are you going to get Turn 10 to make a custom Forza edition? I can't recall them doing it this generation. Am I wrong? It's my favorite exclusive game and it would look sexy as part of my racing rig.

QuantumWake2602d ago

Oh that's right, I forgot about Forza 4! MS should definitely make a Forza 4 bundle similar to the MW3 and GeOW 3 bundle. Custom sounds and everything! Now that would also be awesome!

Boody-Bandit2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

I browsed the net after I posted under this article and they don't even have Forza skins available for the 360. Hell there are barely any decals available for Forza. Come on Turn 10 and MS, get on it!

Raven_Nomad2602d ago

This is awesome, so to people complaining about Microsoft and their lack of attention to core gamer's, the second half of 2011 sees a Modern Warfare 3 bundle, Gears Of War 3 bundle, Gears 3, Halo CE, Forza 4, Modern Warfare 3 and even Battlefield. Some of those are Multiplats, but we all know it's better with the Box!

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Optical_Matrix2602d ago

The way MS is going on you'd think CoD was a 360 exclusive. Merciful heavens

Boody-Bandit2602d ago

I do wish MS would put more money and efforts into securing exclusive games but no matter what people think about how MS handles multiplats, it's smart business to do what they do with popular titles like the COD series.

Bigpappy2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

"The way MS is going on you'd think CoD was a 360 exclusive."

That is the whole point in doing this. Take the most popular Multiplat game and try and convice gamers to buy your version, and while you are at it, pickup a 360 with it.

Pretty smart from where I am sitting.

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