Modern Warfare 3: Three Perk Levels & Weapon Proficiencies

Loud Mouthed Gamers: It appears that each perk has three levels, such as Recon, Recon Pro (doesn’t actually appear in the trailer but other Pro perks do), and R3con. You will also notice in the final loadout reveal, the player has a Profic3ncy of 2 with the ACR which allows him to have 2 attachments, this implies that you will actually be rewarded for using your weapons over time.

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the_eddster2606d ago

Yeah, or its because this is modern warfare 3; and 3 looks like E. See where I'm going with this?

Kamikaze82606d ago

Yes, but then why wouldnt they use the 3 in every case?

the_eddster2606d ago

Why don't you ask them. If when the game is released there are 3 levels to perks i'll chew on a shoe.