Real Life Resistance 3 Scares The Life Out Of Me

Damatman of WTG writes, "Sony has a program called Playstation Access which has started to hold all sorts of free events for fans to try out new games that haven’t been released yet. The event I went to last night was of a different sort though. It was heavily Resistance 3 inspired; and scary."

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TenSteps2607d ago

I don't know I think real life resistance is pretty funky

rabidpancakeburglar2607d ago

damn, japanese culture is weeeiiiirrrddd

Chaostar2607d ago

lol Japan never fails to bring the wtf.

J86blum2607d ago

I thought I would laugh but when I saw it first thought was, where is is backpack to keep him cool? -shakes head- anyways yeah Japan bringing the weird again. you think with all the weird, creepy, down right wrong shit they do they could develope a good game.(slight jab.) if it aint a JRPG they are lost.

TenSteps2607d ago

They're pretty good with fighting games