Army Of Two 3, Forza World, Resident Evil 6 Hinted At In Latest Xbox World Magazine

''The latest issue of Xbox World is chock-full of rumours relating to unannounced titles, with the November 2011 edition hinting at the development of Army of Two 3 and Forza World, in addition to adding more weight to the idea of a full-blown announcement of Resident Evil 6 at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.''

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Quagmire2628d ago

I hope Ao2...3, is as good as the first. Second game was shit.

SilleGamer2628d ago

Hopefully Army of Two 3 is a step-up from previous titles.

Forza World seems interesting too!

Kinda came out of nowhere.

Tr10wn2628d ago

Forza World hmmm i like it.

Skate-AK2628d ago

RE6 better be good! or ima be pissed!