Hate Map Packs? You’ve Got Nobody to Blame But Yourselves (Or Your Friends)

Luke Plunkett writes:Whenever a multiplayer game's map packs are revealed- and Call of Duty is often the worst offender in this regard - people on the internet wail and gnash their teeth. And rightly so, in many respects, since you're rarely getting much value for your dollar.

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Shackdaddy8362630d ago

I'm happy to say I haven't bought a map pack in 3 years. I rather spend my money on something more important...

TurismoGTR2630d ago

Same, Map Packs should at least contain 10 to be worth $5-10.

Shmotz2629d ago

Or you could let the other person spend their money on whatever they want right?

whydoyouask2629d ago

As per usual, i'll blame everyone, but myself. It's all you peoples fault.

Soldierone2629d ago

Ask yourself this. With EA's new trend of "Pay to pay online pass" that is spreading like wildfire. Would you rather pay for that literal crap, or would you rather get something in return?

Fact is these map packs help the developers make money, which means they don't need the stupid online pass. Notice COD doesn't have it? They released 3 map packs within a year, each one sold (is going to sell on PS3 soon) very well.

I'm not bashing one game or another, I'm literally asking. Would you rather pay 15 bucks, get a few maps, support a dev. Or pay 10 bucks, get absolutely nothing in return, and have lower trade in value because of it.

theonlylolking2629d ago

I agree but I still hate both. So I wont support any of them.

GTRrocker2629d ago

The killzone 2 and 3 map packs are worth it. the Call of duty map packs are a rip. No way in hell I would pay 15 for maps.