Tech-Gaming Podcast 8-2: Smitten By the Kitten

This week, DesertEagle, Samurage, and BlueSwim discuss the death of the Hero franchise, games which nurture personal narratives, and the merits of Anne Hathaway’s Cat Woman. We also offer impressions of Rock of Ages, Mayhem 3D, and Bodycount as well as revisit the worlds of Chrono Trigger and Scribblenauts. Returning guest Mel Kirk of Zen Studios drops by to discuss the future of Pinball FX2 before the crew offers a dose of trivia and responses to reader mail.

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mediastudies3790d ago

Bodycount is going to suck.

sharpsword3790d ago

According to 1UP, "Its brief moments of fun are overshadowed by poor controls, laughable story, and limited environments."

They gave it a D+