Insomniac Considered Bringing Back Nathan Hale for Resistance 3

Joseph Capelli is the new star in the upcoming Resistance 3, but Insomniac did consider bringing back Nathan Hale, the main character from Resistance 2. However, Insomniac ultimately decided that bringing Hale back wouldn't create a very believable story.

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wwm0nkey2630d ago

It wouldn't create a believable story because he is dead! lol

Trophywhore2630d ago

HALE IS NOT DEAD! He was posessed by deadelus, the stongest chimera there is. Not to mention, if Daedelus dies, so do all other chimara. I KNOW Hale will be the final boss in R3. Having hale actually die would really make for an unbelievable story and would kill this sequel. Insomniac knows this, and they are just messing with us here trying to make the twist ending as much of a surprise as possible. That scene at the end of R2 was the most BS bluff ive ever seen and anyone who really believes Hale died there is an idiot. Simple as that.

Trophywhore2630d ago

Where the hell is anger conveyed in my post?

Also, why is there a gears 3 trailer ad playing on the side? Talk about irony.

HeavenlySnipes2630d ago

Quote from Insomniac

"We discussed whether or not (Nathan) Hale was really dead for about four to six weeks at the start of development. There was talk about bringing him back as a half-Chimeran super-powered character, possibly as a playable character, a friendly NPC (non-playable character), or even as an enemy. Ultimately, we agreed it felt a little bit B-movie to bring him back and moved on."

Many fans would lose respect for them if they brought him back.

Trophywhore2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I just lost respect for them now.

This game is going to suck if hale is dead and I wont buy it.

Seriosuly does this link look like a read death to you? It looks like an obvious bluff like that one episode of CSI Miami.

L6RD7BLU32630d ago

Yeah I hope he isn't dead either how can they just kill off the main protagonist in the middle of the story. I suspected him to die in the end of the trilogy but who knows have to wait and see.

MidnytRain2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )


There's a certain tone you convey which is dependent on your word choice. Using caps and words like "idiot" and "BS" will give your readers a sense of hostility.

Anyway, I think I'd be a tad disappointed if Hale came back for whatever reason. It'd be too predictable and kind of lazy.

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dbjj120882630d ago

I don't even know who Nathan Hale is....

Sev2630d ago

He is the saving grace of the human race. He has special protein Chimeran virus-resistant antibodies that are vital to the survival of humanity.

God, I've been playing so much Resistance 3. I'm obsessed. Review coming on Tuesday :)

Sev2630d ago

He's a character skin, I know that for sure.

insertcoin2630d ago

Well, I guess they could just use Nathan Hale for a different Resistance game.

blackburn102630d ago

I respect them for it. It takes guts to kill characters for good instead of doing a 180 and try to bring them back at the last minute. Hale should have had a more dignified death though.

KDermod2626d ago

Still, it's awesome that a game can have a coherent storyline that doesn't hinge on the presence of a single character. Props to Insomniac!

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