Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 92: YOU WOULD IF YOU COULD!

Blade206, DCI, WorseCase and our special guest Jaekuro from the Gamer’s Round Table come together to bring you guys another entertaining podcast. In today’s episode we talk about the following:

- Media Create Numbers in Japan

- PAX 2011 info and fun stories

- Prototype 2 impressions

- Getting too old for Nintendo games?

- Rage Impressions

- Our talk from David Jaffe

- Borderlands 2 Impressions

- Microsoft having no PR’s at PAX?

- Squids being the best independent game from PAX

- As always we have a Step Ya Game Up

- Special thanks to Plantronics for the surround sound headsets

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Treezy5042629d ago

David Jaffe FTW can't wait to hear the interview!

WorseCase2629d ago

WORD! We have tons of stories from PAX, nice meeting you there BTW

CharlesDCI2629d ago


tyrex2629d ago

David jaffe + Gos, oh shit. Please tell me jaffe did a step your game up