Call of Duty XP - Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer reveal

Watch as Infinity Ward unveils Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, shows new details/trailers/footage, and more.

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iGaMei2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

I cant wait for cod Elite , last year for black ops I paid $60.00 for the game and 4 map packs $60.00 this year I get the hardened for $99.99 and get on Dlc monthly, better uploads to youtube, plus competition with live referee 24/7 the competition aspect ads alot more interest to the game. It also has real prizes like ipads etc etc I'm sold

$99.99 this year for all that compared to last years $120.00 plus I get a lot more features thanks ACTIVISION

Raven_Nomad2601d ago

You'll get tons of disagrees by people who are pissed because they are going to do the same thing, even though they swore they'd never get another COD game again.

I upped my pre order to Hardened yesterday when the news broke. Getting very excited now.

iGaMei2601d ago

I agree its probably not valuable for everyone but for the extra $40.00 I get access to 4 map packs which is $10.00 a piece plus all the extra elite features isnt that what everyone wanted?

CapsLocke2601d ago

So they compared a virtual amount of shots made by MW2 players with... a real, massive, luminous balls of plasma in our galaxy. Yeah, I know it's a joke, but seriously. Way to be pathetic.

maxmill2601d ago

As usual COD trying to be innovative and failing hard

Genghis2601d ago

That convention reminded me more of The Gathering of the Juggalos.