MW3 Multiplayer Overview ( The Full Breakdown List)

Well here it is – every detail about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer we could possilby hope for has just been released by Infinity Ward – this is what we have all been waiting for. Get ready to drool.

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Kee2629d ago

I'm glad machine pistols are back. They're very good backups for when you run out of ammo. I'm also glad one in the chamber is back for private matches because that was a fun game.

I like what I'm hearing about this.

Also, there's a part in this article that uses bullet points but there is no list (the bit about spec ops) and it looks rather silly, but other than that, thanks for compiling all the information :D

Ramses32629d ago

The big thing for me is the new modes, while COD may be becoming repetitive, theres still some fun variety in the modes. I personally loved one in the chamber, it made you feel like a dude in an action movie.

M-M2629d ago

Why did they bring death streaks back?

ambientFLIER2625d ago

So that you could use them after dying.

RookerD2628d ago

+Strike Packages
+New Modes
+Special Ops(co-op)
++++Dedicated Servers