Modern Warfare 3 Preview "This is shaping up to be Call of Duty perfected" [Gamertag Radio]

Gamertag Radio writes: "Modern Warfare 3 has a lot to prove this time around, the much loved and hated annual series has a lot of pressure riding on its back as we move into a AAA filled holiday season with no shortage of spectacular games. The competition is going to be fierce as EA has finally directly challenged Activision's juggernaut with Battlefield 3, a game that has received nothing short of total adoration. For a series that has 30 million players worldwide, it would be easy for Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games to become complacent with this year's iteration, but after what I've seen of the game so far, that couldn't be farther from the truth."

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Codeman4202629d ago

the only way this is going to be CoD perfected is if it goes back to CoD 4 multiplayer. where the spawns actually work and the guns are actually worth a damn

Caleb_1412629d ago

Agreed - and where killstreaks didn't completely ruin the balance of the game.

...and also where there were no ridiculous future gadgets such as heartbeat sensors, sentry guns, sentry bots, etc.

Call of Duty 4 was really quite a simple formula and yet it offered so many hours of replayability... I look fondly back on the days where i'd play COD4 Search & Destroy with my mates after school and have some really epic times with it.

DirtyLary2629d ago

Perfected in the eyes of Activision.

IM_A_NINJA2629d ago

As long as it plays like COD4 I'll be happy. My M16 and MP5 need to both work like they did in COD4. Maps need to be the smaller, more tactical size like the COD4 ones as well.

I have it pre ordered either way, but it's nice to see and hear that it plays a lot like COD4, the people at CODXP are giving it a lot of praise.

fossilfern2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Watch from the start when he uses the sniper. Another quick scoping paradise ? It seems like it :/

Edit: Sorry watch from 1:00

Gamer_Z2629d ago

They say this every year and its never true