Call Of Duty Dev Says Uncharted Franchise Isn't Quite World Class

CinemaBlend: You still have that flame-proof jockstrap? Well, you might want to re-equip it because it’s about to get hot in here. In a developer insight video Sledgehammer Games, one of the three studios who worked on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, stated that they were working on a third-person version of CoD and that it would be like the Uncharted series, except it would part of a world class franchise. Is that built-in intercooler kicking in yet on that flame-proof jockstrap?

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jony_dols2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

The Transformers of the gaming industry.

Loud, stupid and 2 sequels too many.

Mrmagnumman3572604d ago

That was so true and funny, you get a bubble.

lociefer2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

if world class means reused graphics / gameplay / overhype then ya, mw3 is world class, oh did i mention milking too ?

rezzah2604d ago

but I like transformers D=

inveni02604d ago

I like Transformers (as a simple stupid action flick and nothing more), but it was still funny.

Call of Duty is FAR from world class. Obviously, however, the guys making the games and the guys playing the games have different standards. Funny, though, I've never heard Naughty Dog sucker punch any other developers' projects like that.

2604d ago
Iroquois_Pliskin2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

oh my god. Please tell me where to find a world class game from Slegdehammer or whatever theyre called!

Oh Right....

Washington-Capitals2604d ago

You know what sad folks? None of you seem to have read the article. Sledgehammer never said Uncharted "was NOT" a world class franchise, its this stupid website just taking things out of context for hits. The quality of news on N4G just keeps going down.

HappyGaming2604d ago

Uncharted is the James Bond of gaming....

zeeshan2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

What a stupid comment by devs who think that it is still 2006! COD hasn't really evolved... except into a same-sh**-every-year-annoying- game!

If there is anything that is world class about console gaming, then that has to be the Uncharted series. Simply brilliant!

inveni02604d ago

Nothing out of context. He said:

"So you can imagine that genre meets a world-class franchise."

This sentence implies that the genre never saw a world-class franchise until the CoD version hits. If it never saw a world-class franchise, then Uncharted must not be a world class franchise.

In mathematics, this is called the transitive property. It says this:

If Third-Person Action Genre =/= World Class
And Uncharted = Third-Person Action Genre
Then Uncharted =/= World Class

You might think it's more familiar written like this:

If a=b and b=c then a=c.

People who get called out for being arrogant pricks often fall back on this "out of context" argument, but what they forget is that math doesn't lie. When you speak to the press, you should say what you mean and mean what you say.

jspencep2604d ago

Has anyone played the 3rd person mode in COD? It sucks so much my friends and I play it as a joke!

Simon_Brezhnev2604d ago

There's a reason why Uncharted 2 got more awards than the whole franchise of CoD.

03212600d ago

After your comment, Any other comment would of been worthless. Bubbles for you sir!

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evrfighter2604d ago

Dammmmmn pickin fights with pc gamers and now the ps3 faithful.

they just laying it all out there on who their loyalties lie with.

Farsendor12604d ago

what did they say about pc gamers?

DigitalAnalog2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )


-End statement

NukaCola2604d ago

I am pretty sure that Uncharted series has over 170 awards. I am pretty sure that is more than every FPS has received combined, and I am pretty sure Valve collectively has at least half that alone.

zeeshan2604d ago

@rabidpancakeburglar: You pretty much NAILED it brother!

SephirothX212604d ago

Uncharted wipes CoD out in terms of quality. I apologise for even putting the two series in the same sentence. I will be getting UC3 but WILL NOT get MW3. I didn't get Blops and I've no intention of doing so.

E2M2604d ago

haha are they for real, who the fuck are sledgehammer anyway, this is the first CoD game they are working on and there acting like they are somewhat at a higher place in the industry gtfo out of here. uncharted 2 shits on the Call of duty games, I mean if they really feel proud of them for rolling out a recycled game for the past four years well world class developers they are lmao. The only thing thats keeping the franchise on its legs is its formula

They think they can hop into another category and find that success they've got another thing coming

InNomeDiDio2604d ago

Uncharted > CoD

Character Development


Multiplayer, BF3 also on PS3 will be better!

joab7772604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

R u kidding me? Naughty dog has more talent in their little toe...and this is coming from! He's gotta chose his words more wisely as he's talking about a consensus goty winner. Id love to know what he's done.

On a related note, he may not nav a job now and not because of these comments as they just garner more publicity but didn't west and zampella wanna do a third person new ip like mw but were told no just make mw2. He's gotta realize that activision owns him now so he's gotta get those crazy ideas of originality out of his hea. Its cod from now on man...just cod.

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Optical_Matrix2604d ago ShowReplies(4)
GSpartan7772604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

I think the author of this article completely misunderstood what the devs from Sledge Hammer said or is simply flamebaiting with the headline.

"And there are a lot of fans out there who enjoy games like Uncharted, right? So you can imagine that genre meets a world-class franchise. "

Like really? All he's saying that imagine if Call of Duty (world-class franchise) goes third person (that genre), which is exactly what he said

"I mean the idea of the sort of global appeal of Call of Duty meets sort of the third-person genre for the first time. "

Like WOW! Auto-dis to Uncharted? I think not. But whatever no one is probably even going to read this article. I have my sword and shield ready to fend off any mindless ghouls controlled by the hivemind.

vortis2604d ago

Wait so how is he saying Uncharted isn't world-class because he's basically saying you aren't getting a world-class experience from Uncharted the way you would from Call of Duty. How isn't that a dis?

GSpartan7772604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

You are fucking joking with me right? I want you to point out exactly to me where says "You are not getting a world class experience from Uncharted" by saying a lot of people love to play Uncharted, Imagine our world-class franchise call of duty going third person.

Nowhere! That's right.

gamingdroid2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

It's the typical amateur websites trying to spin things to get hit. When I read that statement, I didn't read it as "Uncharted is NOT world class" at all.

I doubt most people read it that way either, because we would have heard about it sooner. In fact, if you mention another franchise it tends to be highly thought of.

Suddenly an amateur site post a flame bait, and guess what it attracts?!

Eamon2604d ago

Report the article as flaimbait since it clearly was intended for that in order to gain attention i.e. hits.

vortis2604d ago

He says "a lot of fans out there who enjoy games like Uncharted, right? So you can imagine that genre meets a world-class franchise. "

Why would you have to "imagine that genre meets a world-class franchise" that clause alone alludes to Uncharted not fulfilling that promise, why didn't he just say "imagine that genre meeting the Call of Duty universe?"

iHEARTboobs2604d ago

"why didn't he just say "imagine that genre meeting the Call of Duty universe?""

He didn't say that because he wanted to boast about COD.

finbars752604d ago

Don't you mean riot sheild,juggernaut and commando pro to fend of those ghoulish zombie haters.

TheDivine2604d ago

Yea he wasnt saying uncharted wasnt good. Id love a slower tps cod with cover. It could be epic if they did it right. I still want a WW1 game also, very neglegted point in history.

A-Glorious-Dawn2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Ohh a TPS WW2 shooter in the style of uncharted would be brilliant, And I can't lie and say that a TPS Zombies would not appeal to me...

I think Sledgehammer should stick to the FPS scene. (Though I have no doubt that a TPS with COD plasted on it would sell very well indeed.)

I don't believe they will be able to match the quality of animaion Uncharted achieves though..
But I am prepared to eat my words if they do it...

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NYC_Gamer2604d ago

Uncharted is one of the best franchises around period.sure it might not break sales records like call of duty but the franchise is damn good.

Tripl3seis2604d ago

lmaoooooo uncharted not world class? fuck out here with that shit bro a game that has won over 150+ awards and its not world class? please come back to me wen cod wins a game of the year award until then they need to shut up and build a better game.

Mrmagnumman3572604d ago

Actually it was 300 awards, but.... i will forgive you this time.ha

Tripl3seis2604d ago

hehehhehe my bad im not keeping up with the numbers but damnn 300 thats a lot getting the game day one bro cant wait!!!

Megaton2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

The only people awarding CoD with anything are GameTrailers, and they're relentlessly mocked for it.

It doesn't get much more world class than Uncharted.