Eidos Montreal Isn't Racist, You Are "I'm always amazed whenever I come across a new bit of gaming buzz that contains words like 'racist,' 'sexist,' or 'stereotype.' Accusations are flung at games or developers in an attempt to shame them for creating a character that is somehow offensive to a particular group of people; all for the purpose of simply getting the developer/publisher to admit they were wrong, that they couldn't possibly understand the years of tragedy and hardship that underlined their own personal life (or cultural history), and that for their wrongdoing they will somehow atone. Yet somehow it's always pretty convenient when these nameless offended masses decide to speak up. Typical of most 'offended' people the time to speak isn't always appropriate for every single scenario out there, just the ones that they can make the most fuss about with at little effort as possible."

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M-Easy2606d ago

Someone listens to too much Rush Limbaugh.

JsonHenry2606d ago

I don't like Limbaugh since he is just a party hack, but I don't see the reference either.

M-Easy2606d ago

He always cries when anyone gets offended, but then whines when someone offends his beliefs. I see the same hypocrisy in whoever wrote this.

dinkeldinkse2606d ago

"He always cries when anyone gets offended, but then whines when someone offends his beliefs." That's not exclusive to Limbaugh, sounds like 99% of the people that talk about politics.

majiebeast2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Well shittt Cap' n. It was just a horrible va that just decided to be a dick. Can we stop calling everything racist already deal with it and grow some balls. Its not like she said i like me some fried chicken every 10 seconds or beans and cornbread.

lastdual2606d ago

I showed this to one of my black friends, and he just laughed his ass off.

People need to chill out and stop making mountains out of mole hills. Getting offended over every little thing just makes you look like a tool.

majiebeast2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Exactly if it really is that offending it would be on foxnews.

M-Easy2606d ago

How many black friends do you have? Do they all know you're their friend?

lastdual2606d ago


Seriously? Where I work, you naturally make friends with people of plenty of different races. Maybe you've lived a very sheltered existence?

M-Easy2606d ago

1st. I grew up in the most diverse area in California.

2nd. My response to your black friend comment was in reference to you quantifying your friend as black. The fact that you said "black friend" says you see him/her as black 1st and a friend 2nd. If you said it the other way around it sounds like you have a friend who happens to be black.

The same can be said for any race. You either have an "Asian friend" so you can seem less homogeneous or can you can have a friend happens to be Asian. The way you present people matters.

lastdual2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )


"The fact that you said "black friend" says you see him/her as black 1st and a friend 2nd."

OR maybe it could be that I was putting that person in context of this news story...

You know, because if I simply said "I showed this to my friend, and they laughed their ass off" the statement could then be taken in a totally different way. It could lose its meaning or mean something else entirely.

YES, the way you present people matters, but so does the context of a statement. Personally, I don't see a big difference between [race] friend, versus friend who is [race]. I'm from an adoptive family, and if I refer to my "Korean sister" as such, it doesn't mean that I think of her as Korean first and my sister second.

That's a big jump to assume based off a minor language preference.

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rabidpancakeburglar2606d ago

I'm racist?........I swear, I didn't know.

Silly gameAr2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Why do people get so worked up over being called called a racist. They get more offended then a victim of racism. It's like they have a guilty conscience and just have to lash out at the people that have the audacity to call someone that.

So what if Letitia acted like someone in black face or like some uneducated throwback to the slave days. Why get offended over that? :/

Alos882606d ago

She speaks like she's from the 50's, and she's rooting through the trash for booze.
I think your perspective has been muddled by that soapbox you are standing on. Maybe if you quit with the self righteousness for a minute you might actually realize that she is, at best, a character that is full of unfortunate implications.

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