Five Reasons Friday: Why Fable 3 Was Really Really Bad

This week on Five Reasons Friday at Games Pundit, Bronnie looks at five reasons why Fable 3 was really bad.

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rabidpancakeburglar2606d ago

Fable 3 was good, it just wasn't Fable 2 good.

callahan092606d ago

I liked it. My girlfriend liked it even more than I did. She also like Fable 2 more than I did. She's a big fan of the franchise. I don't know which of the 2 she liked better but I liked Fable 2 more than 3.

Abash2606d ago

No, Fable III was terrible. Fable II was good, just not Fable: The Lost Chapters good.

The series has been on a downward spiral, looking to continue with that FPS-Kinect thing sporting the Fable name

Jack_DangerousIy2606d ago

No, Fable III was "good" because Pancake said it was. It's called an opinion. I love that you negate HIS opinion with YOUR opinion....

What a tool.... I try to ignore people like you on here but sometimes I'm just in a bad mood. Get over yourself. Your thoughts aren't fact.


Ravens202606d ago

Is Fable 3 really that much worse than Fable 2? I loved Fable 2. There is no other game like it.

hardandsloppy2605d ago


Your opinions about opinions arent fact either


dark-hollow2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )


Your opinion about his opinion about opinions are not fact too!

rabidpancakeburglar2605d ago

Bit harsh as he's not really savaging my opinion but I appreciate the sentiment


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Istanbull2606d ago

Are u fukking kidding me? It was the most terrible game of 2010!

Long loading times!

Linear gameplay, you can't explore, you can't go in to the scenery! Everywhere there are invisble walls! The city is divided in parts with loading times!

Horrible story!

Horrible fighting system!

Just a mediocre game at best!

_Aarix_2605d ago

You a ps3 argument is invalid.

Btaylortherogue2606d ago

I forget that these games have stories and emotions and stuff.
I thought the ending (the ruling Albion bit) was a neat change from the boring old Same-Fable-Start-To-Finish.
That said, I've never really been super entertained by a Fable game all the way through.

majiebeast2606d ago

It felt rushed it didnt even get a proper ending.

Alos882606d ago

*endgame spoilers*
I didn't like the way things never ended that well. It seems you either were remembered as the bad king who saved everyone or the kindly king who let the world burn.

Zashule2605d ago

Or you were the good king who invested in real estate and left the XBOX on overnight to get 7.8M to save the world with.
I would advise installing the game to the HDD if you wish to do this.

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The story is too old to be commented.