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Orpheus2607d ago

Graphically doesnt even look like shit compared to BF3... !!!

Shackdaddy8362607d ago

It really does look like what a f2p game should look like...

sak5002607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

We have seen tons of footage before in teh from of COD1/2/3/MW/MW2/WAW/BlackOPS thanks.

BTW helicopter goes in one strike now. 0.23secs

wwm0nkey2607d ago

Oh hey look its a MW2 mod......oh wait.

NukaCola2607d ago

I watched that slow mo MP trailer and thought, wow, Activision is really trying on this one, to keep the kids hooked but it looks like crap. Same exact sh*t as MW2. The MP looks boring as hell. I will probably rent this game, cause I am a little curious about the story. The SP is always 5-6 hours of fun, but the MP continues to get worse and worse. I dont want to sound like a bandwagon mate on the hate train but F*ck this game. I am definielty getting BF3 instead. Besides, Nov 1st is Uncharted 3, then on the 11th I am giving my life to SKYRIM.

musicman650002607d ago

Crap, I completely forgot about Skyrim. Skyrim, YEAH!!!!!!!

2607d ago
RyuDrinksTheDew2607d ago

@:00:4sec - look at the ground texture.

shocking. same old same old.

go ahead, call me a hater, doesnt make this game any better.

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The story is too old to be commented.