New Modern Warfare 3 screenshots

Check out some brand new screenshots of Modern Warfare 3.

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hamburger1232628d ago

Looks like an Iphone game

Bounkass2628d ago

Looks like Call of Duty 4: Modern Wafare...

IM_A_NINJA2628d ago

Looks absolutely NOTHING like COD4. I usually don't go back and play COD4 anymore, mainly because the graphics are so outdated.

People are more dramatic here then on Soup Opera's. To me personally Uncharted 3 doesn't look a step up over Uncharted 2's graphics, same with some other high profile games, but you don't see people flipping out over it do you?

If your not a fan of the series or if your not planning on buying the game, why waste the time to type some idiotic rant in the first place?

dorron2628d ago

Looks like MW 1 & 2...

ameenia2628d ago

Really looks like Call of Duty 4. Dragonage is also very similar to this. I am in need of <a href=" rel="follow">chea ts for dragonage</a> if any one have please share that with me.Thanks...

Ramses32628d ago

COD Fanboy: AMAZING NEW FEATURES!!! Breaking glass effects and dated character animations! WOW, definitly something I want to support by paying $60 for!

ambientFLIER2628d ago

So that means you're not buying it and we won't see you on any more COD pages, right?

Ramses32628d ago

Im still gonna buy it, its still a fun multiplayer experience, but ill buy it used so no money goes towards this disgusting uncreative crap we know as activision.

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